notes on xander ford’s shit


quite some time since i last produced shit here, and here i am shitting on myself in front of my computer inside our faculty room, a very important workmate is nowhere to be found again.

there, so here are some musings i had after a quick exchange i had with a friend over facebook chat using the company internet, and exchanging ideas rather than doing what work needs to be done.

on the recent xander ford shenanigans.

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so what posed as a problem to this friend of mine is that s/he finds it hard to rationalize xander ford’s actions. what i find interesting is that this shit came to pass by on my specs until now that it has been opened up.

so here are a few reflections i had.

xander ford’s shit should be reviewed in terms of its linear narrative:

from panget to gwapo, acted like shit after transformation, shit came tumbling down, now seeking redemption. formulaic, isn’t it?

now as i see it, xander ford’s shit has a lot to do with “work” if i may say, contract/s.

that whatever xander ford’s actions may be, it must be conducted by the management handling him, but some accounts tell otherwise, in which i will not dwell into. this are just some thoughts revolving around the issue, i might be wrong, but, hey, if you’re already reading this, you might want to hear me out, and give me currency.

dwelling further, i thought about this as a “value” farce. and in order to understand this process, one must take note where this whole shitstorm takes place, or moves around, social media.

s/he said that it doesn’t make sense that the management profits from xander ford due to his immoral practices outside, which, if i may, is the spectacle which is xander ford.

the current problem xander ford is facing right now is his alleged misconduct/s, and extreme douchey attitude according to a few facebook info. but it don’t really matter, in this trade what matters is more and more and more and more and more clicks.

endgame, is that this shit should be treated as symptomatic of the neoliberal project, where moral degredation is intensified alongside physical deterrioration. the normalisation of the treating morality as aesthetic. the normalisation of consumerist beauty. amorality.


sorry i will try to process this a bit further but as for now these are all i can share. thank you for wasting your time and giving me currency. i probably should get back to work.

i do hope this might spark different discussions on the issue.

furthermore, this journal entry  is brought to you by taurus season.

Sorry to Bother You


so i have been hyper-inactive in this blog, not [being] able to write feels like not shit. so, sorry, i guess? for being inactive here in my blog. (besides i don’t think anybody cares anyway).

but, apparently, i have a shitton of things to write about, hopefully i’ll be able to pull it off, or actually finish them. yet, i see it as something good that i can actually start something right now.

well, work’s been too shitty for me at the moment, too many shit to do for a mediocre paycheck. i hope i don’t resort to making art, worst case scenario, literary production in order to live. so if there’s anyone who’s reading this post, thank you! xoxo and i need a job pls.


Reading Log 2019


I will be starting a series of blog posts wherein I will be posting notes, reflections, and musings and commentaries on certain pieces that I will be working/reading on.

Also, this functions as a log for me to keep track on my project to work on my being productive this 2019, and in order to track progress, I will be posting here regularly. So expect a few shenanigans from me every now and then, as I will be necessitating myself to be productive.


Neo-Manila (2019) Arrives From the Future

2019 and i am still teaching. shitton of papers are still waiting to be grad–

musings on current situations 2019

dystopia– orwellian shenanigans was three decades ago; mandatory rewatching of akira (dir. otomo katsuhiro)Related imageand blade runner (also, a necessary re-reading), mikhail red’s seemingly try-hard #woke film, and all of that good shit. knocks on your door, “do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior duterte?” then shoots you in the face, coppers comes after the first pigs clean up the list. from tokhang on the streets tokhang still on the sheets, door to door amazon deliveries of fucking 45s to evangelical missions inside the schools. “mamser, pulis ho, kayo po ba’y kapatid sa pananampalataya? maari ho bang mailagay kayo sa listahan?” the next thing you know, fucking copper deep within your heads.No photo description available.

dystopia– waking up every morning with the thought of fucking talking to npcs for the whole week. waking up thinking that you wake up to be a teacher in 2019. chat spamming shitty npcs for 4 hours a day, plus fucking weekends. fucking scripts are broken. spaghetti codes. glitches in discussions. no bug fixes. you are necessitated to be your own engineer. fucking npcs. not even giving you bonus gold, not even xp. might as well reset, better yet, delete account. sell items. go afk. second semester: perma afk.

the slow cancellation of the future– waking up each day to talk to the worst kinds of npcs in town: artists. high prices, too bad if you have low speech skill. worse than your khajeet. tfw everyday you take part in ‘the daily hauntological breaks for permanent midnight’. bawal mag shades, madilimwalang streetlights. every wondering eyes, reprogrammed to look deeper into your souls, that is, to reprogram you, eat shit that literature is beautiful, poetry is humane, but poetry is a savage god. lvl progress is regress. digital to analog.

new age maoism–  click here ->> reflexivity is passe, albeit non-conformist posturing, safe space is primary, essential, necessary. must be protected at all times. main story line quest: convenience to story progregression. cuba0 city. today x  future. class consciousness “if deemed necessary”. stay critical at all times. sinong nagbabasa pa in 2019?!

tomorrow, another monday to start gr1ndin those gears. check for glitches. tweak codes. </fuck you> eat data. oil is no longer primary; data surge. check for glitches. be the glitch. eradicate. delete. </delete>. thank you for your visit. received necessary validation through site visit. thank you for getting your time expropriated. give me currency. neo manila arrives from the future.



mark fisher/ edel garcellano/ missingcodec

film log 2019

for this blog to at least have a function

i’ll be logging and keeping track of the films i’ll be seeing this year, yeah, fuck you letterboxdn’t

will probably not stick to local and recent, just all the shytes i’ll be seeing this year


aurora (yam laranas/ philippines/ 2018)

election (johnnie to/ hong kong/ 2005)

Related image

meta-hegemonya, meta-industriya (ronaldo vivo jr. / philippines/ 2018)

killing (shinya tsukamoto/ japan/ 2018)

Image result for killing tsukamoto

blackkklansman (spike lee/ usa/ 2018)

Related image

jungle love (sherad anthony sanchez/ philippines/ 2012)

Image result for jungle love sherad sanchez

asura: the city of madness (kim sung-su/ south korea/ 2016)

Image result for asura city of madness

sorry to bother you (boots riley/ usa/ 2018)

Related image

the cleaners (hans block, moritz riesewieck/ germany/ 2018)

Image result for the cleaners


a rustling of leaves (nettie wild/ canada/ 1988)

burning (lee chang-dong/south korea/2018)

Image result for burning 2018

violence voyager (ujicha/japan/2018)

Image result for violence voyager


inuyashiki (shinsuke sato/japan/2018)

Image result for inuyashiki live action

maria (pedring lopez/philippines/2019)

Image result for maria christine reyes

mad max: fury road (george miller/usa/2015)

Image result for mad max fury road

gangnam 1970 (yoo ha/s.korea/2015)

Image result for gangnam blues

laplace’s witch (takashi miike/japan/2018)

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life without principle (johnnie to/2011/hong kong)

Image result for life without principle

kuroshitsuji (otani kentaro,keiichi sato/2014/japan)

Related image

black panther (ryan coogler/2018/usa)

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avengers: endgame (anthony russo, joe russo/2019/usa)

Related image


john wick 3: parabellum (chad stahelski/2019/usa)

Related image

as the gods will (takashi miike/2014/japan)

Related image

crows zero (takashi miike/2007/japan)

Related image

us (jordan peele/2019/usa)

Related image

parasyte: part 1 (takashi yamazaki/2014/japan)

Related image

parasyte: part 2 (takashi yamazaki/2015/japan)

Related image


mirai (mamoru hosoda/2018/japan)

Image result for mirai of the future

shoplifters (hirokazu kore-eda/2018/japan)

Image result for shoplifters

parasite (bong joon-ho/2019/south korea)

Related image

the divine fury (kim joo-hwan/2019/south korea)

Related image

hello, love goodbye (cathy garcia-molina/2019/philippines)

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weathering with you (makoto shinkai/2019/japan)

Image result for weathering with you


untrue (sigrid andrea bernardo/2019/philippines)

Image result for untrue movie

midsommar (ari aster/2019/usa,sweden)

Image result for midsommar

x-men: the dark phoenix (simon kinberg/2019/usa)

Image result for x men the dark phoenix

no data plan (miko revereza/2019/usa)

Image result for no data plan

icymi: i see me (mnl48 documentary) (carlo manatad/2019/philippines)

Image result for icymi mnl48

budots: the craze (jay rosas, mark limbaga/2019/philippines)


joker (todd philips/2019/usa)

Image result for joker

girl’s blood (koichi sakamoto/2014/japan)

Related image

tomorrow i will date with yesterday’s you (takahiro miki/2016/japan)

Image result for tomorrow i will date with yesterday's you


sonatine (takeshi kitano/1993/japan)

Related image

burning buddha man (ujicha/2013/japan)

Image result for burning buddha man ujicha

yesterday (danny boyle/2019/usa)

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culion (alvin yapan/2019/philippines)

Image result for culion film

the battleship island (ryoo seung-wan/2017/south korea)

Image result for battleship island

Nothing Found


So I have decided to start (another) blog, for all the wrong reasons, again. But this time, it’s more wrong.

Countless piles of paperworks ready to be checked and graded are with me, hence —

I have decided that this year I’ll be doing my best to become at least productive and thus forcing myself to not lie on the bed, scroll through endless memes on my feed, watch occasional league streams, and instead write my thoughts here, after all, nobody would give a shit about what I would be writing here.

Just consider this a distracted mind’s trying-to-focus space rather than a flex.

Anyway, what to expect here, if there are any? Probably this blog will contain mostly musings on recent happenings on my feed, squabbles of petty institutionalized writers, artists, and also, ArtSits, NatSits, issues, reflections, analyses on whatever but mostly cultural products.

Would also try to consider this as an exercise for my shitty writing.

I don’t think I have anything more to say, thank you for getting your time expropriated.